Tuesday, September 2, 2014

African American and Africana Studies Minor at the University of Kentucky

This information is derived from https://aaas.as.uky.edu/declaring-minor-african-american-studies-aas

Declaring a Minor in African American and Africana Studies (AAS)

Minor in African American and Africana Studies:
By completing 21 hours of course work students can earn a minor in African American and Africana Studies. This minor offers a cultural, historical, and literary base that can strengthen any major in the Humanities or the Social Sciences. The African American and Africana Studies Program seeks to promote the interest and knowledge of the African diaspora experience through quality teaching and research. Multidisciplinary in scope, AAAS offers a selection of courses in English, History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy, Religion, and Language. Courses affiliated with the Program are listed each Fall and Spring semester on our website and in the University Schedule of Classes under the AAS prefix.
African American and Africana Studies lists three required courses: AAS 200, AAS 400, and AAS 401. Students must complete six hours in both the humanities and social sciences from the list of courses either cross-listed or approved by the director of AAAS.
AAS 200: Introduction to African American Studies, an interdisciplinary course which establishes the intellectual context for an examination of the African American experience: it introduces students to the various approaches scholars use to analyze that experience. This course employs a topical framework which permits focus on issues reflecting the diversity and richness of the African American experience across geographic boundaries.
AAS 400: Special Topics in African American Studies, a detailed investigation of a particular topic in African American Studies, with emphasis both on content and existing research. Topics will vary from semester to semester and are announced the preceding semester. This course may be repeated a maximum of six credits when identified by a different subtitle. Prereq: AAS 200
 AAS401: Independent Reading and Research:. The student pursues a course of reading and research under the guidance of an instructor, completes a major research project, and takes an examination. A written contract defining the area of study is negotiated between student and instructor at the beginning of the course. May be repeated a maximum of six credits.  Prereq: AAS 200.   see more ... https://aaas.as.uky.edu/declaring-minor-african-american-studies-aas 
Instructions for declaring the AAAS Minor:
  1. Students planning on declaring a minor need to make the request to declare the minor in your primary college even if your major is in another college and the minor you want is an A&S minor. If your primary college is A&S (you are majoring in an A&S department) and you want to declare a minor in AAAS, please come to Patterson Office Tower 202 to fill out the declaration of minor form. 
  2. Once you complete the declaration of minor form, please have your advisor sign the form and then submit it to the AAAS office in 112 Breckinridge Hall.  Please make sure to submit this form to the AAAS office so we have record that you are declaring the minor. 
If you have any questions regarding the AAAS minor, please contact Michelle Del Toro at 859-257-2284.

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