Sunday, September 21, 2014

Chattel Slavery, Demographics of the Colonies and Miscegenation in the Americas

Greetings, Class.
We are discussing demographic information associated with the Trans-Atlantic Slavery, the establishment of the Chesapeake Region and Carolinas, as well as ideas and policies associated with miscegenation (bi-racial, multi-ethnic identity) and creolization in American culture. 

Considering what you read and previously understood about slavery in the Americas, list or describe what new information you have acquired or your new understanding you may have adopted.

How does it complicate or change your previous notions about slavery in the Americas and African American culture? 

Yours truly,

Dr. Hill


  1. Frankly I had no idea that the population of a colony/ state was ever over 50% slave based.

  2. I learned that not all slaves or even most of them came from Africa.

  3. It changed my view somewhat because I know where one half of my family originally came from. But to try to trace the other side of my family could possibly take forever because they came from all different locations around the world