Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Miscegenation Laws and the Loving Case

Report on Loving Case 1967

Greetings, Students. 

We were discussing how miscegenation laws effected marriages and communities in United States.   Here is a news report on the Loving Case of 1967.  There is also an HBO Documentary and Showtime film produced by Hallmark Cinemas that explores the Loving Case  entitled Mr. and Mrs. Loving. (1996)

Please review the news clip and comment. How does this information affirm, challenge or change your understanding of interracial relationships and marriages in the United States? 


  1. The Lovings seem like a great couple. It is a shame that it was considered a crime for those two to get married. My Grand father is African American and my Grandmother is caucasian. They are a mixed race couple and I was always raised to be accepting of everyone. I don't see people as a certain color...everyone is the same to me

    1. Did you ever ask them what people thought of their relationship? Did they come from a blended society where race was less important in determining who would marry?

  2. This does not really change my view of interracial relationships, because my great grandparents went through a similar situation because they were in a relationship that was not viewed as acceptable. I find it sad that so many people can be so simple minded in how they think, there are so many things out in the world that is a bigger danger than an interracial relationship. However, even if there are not laws against it there are still prejudices for those who are in interracial relationships.

  3. This documentary just reconfirms that America really has come a long way but has so much further to go. It bothers me but I cant say I'm surprised. America has used race as an excuse for things too long now. I feel sad for them, my boyfriend isn't black and too imagine not being able to have a relationship with him because of race seems like that would be centuries ago but in fact it's only been a matter of 40-50 years ago . WOW

  4. Watching this documentary it was sad to know that only fifty years ago people were arrested because of dating someone out of their race. An example they gave in the documentary was if Mr. Loving was to die Ms. Loving wouldn't be able to receivesocial security benefits. This documentary really hits home because my great-grandparents were killed because they dated outside of their race.